What do you do with degrees in Equine Management, Veterinary Technology, History and Education between two people?

Start a yarn business! 

We are a small family operated business in Claremont, NH. Jen makes beautiful knit products like shawls, hats, and bags. Ever the artisan, she also dyes and spins her own yarn. We work as much as possible with local producers and are always excited to incorporate our geek culture roots into what we do.

Jay spearheads the Country Mouse Tech project. By covering, promoting, and advocating for rural areas from our perspective we succeed...through karma if nothing else. 

Jean Piotr is our resident model and inspiration resource.

Eventually we hope to find a suitable space for a combination yarn and comic book shop. In the meantime, you can catch us at craft shows and farmers markets, order through our digital home, and listen to our podcasts.


We will take the path less traveled by,

And that will make all the difference.